Urbanism and Land Use Planning

Urbanism and land use planning are core issues for modern societies because they have a direct impact on quality of life and the environment. Groupe DDM’s aim is to create sustainable communities that are known for the quality of their public spaces, their user-friendly urban designs and the protection and development of natural environments. It proposes innovative approaches based on new urbanism principles. 

Groupe DDM’s personnel are aware that actions taken when preparing land use concepts, planning documents and regulations will have a direct impact on citizens. They therefore pay particular attention to their clients’ needs. 

Over the years, Groupe DDM has carried out numerous projects, some of which have played a key role in the integration and protection of natural environments. The company has considerable experience with public consultations, and favours a bottom-up approach based on social acceptability. 

Groupe DDM’s fields of expertise include:

  • Creation, revision and amendment of urban planning by-laws
  • Urban plans
  • Urban planning support service for municipalities
  • Urban design
  • City centre revitalization strategies
  • Pre-decision studies of local conditions
  • Park development concept plans
  • Natural environment and recreation/tourism master plans
  • Typomorphological studies and analysis of the built environment
  • Property development projects
  • Visual designs and 2D and 3D presentations
  • Farmland development plans
  • Tactical urbanism and ephemeral planning
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